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May 2018

Hallo all garden lovers,

It is May and the garden is full of flowers. Our old Magnolia tree is blooming with a sea of pink flowers. This year without frostbites on the crown leafs.

It has been an unusually warm month of May so far, for weeks we have enjoyed a blue sky and bright sunshine with temperatures aound 25 degrees. Our garden is located on a southfacing hill which makes it warmer than many other gardens in the neighbourhood, and I love the sun.

Tulips, hyacints and anemones are blooming and our large pear tree is also in full bloom. It feels like everything is blooming at the same time, and the garden is an explosion of colours and scents. So go out there all of you, enjoy the spring as much as you can.

We will be at Hågelby market in Tumba on Sunday May 27th and we will have the garden open for the public twice this summer;

Sunday, July 1st, at 10 am - 5 pm, for the day of the "Thousand Gardens" (Tusen trädgårdar). In the afternoon we will have live music in the garden when Klarinett con Brio will visit and play for us all.

Sunday July 15th, at 12 noon - 6 p m in cooperation with the Magazine "Land" for their Open Garden event all around Sweden.

All the best,
Stefan, A Gentleman Gardner