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July 2018

Greetings to all garden lovers.

It’s the height of summer here in Sweden, and not merely in Sweden. We are experiencing temperatures of 30° c and more in the sun and it hasn’t rained for several weeks. This is extremely unusual. My heart goes out to the poor farmers around Sweden whose harvests are going to be very poor.

Indeed, it’s extremely hot and the roses are sighing their last sigh in the garden. How wonderfully they have bloomed! I’m so grateful that I have so many roses in the garden, particularly rambling roses. People should acquire more of them. My focus is on the Helena group, which includes the Aksel Olsen rose, named after the Danish rose breeder the same name, which has light golden, finely scented flowers that ultimately fade into white. Another rose in the group is Lykkefund, which bears masses of small white or cream coloured heavily scented flowers and, in addition, is practically thorn free. In contrast to many other roses, those of the Helena group produce wonderful hips and, in the autumn, the trees on which the roses climb attract masses of small birds who happily munch on the rosehips.

At this time of year it would be nice to be able to breath sigh of relief that work is over, but work in a garden is never-ending. At the same time, however, one must try to plan, contemplate, philosophise and enjoy. I couldn’t envisage a life without a garden.

I’m grateful that so many people visited the garden when we were open within the scope of the Thousand Gardens scheme on 1 July. Many thanks also to Klarinett Con Brio for the wonderful musical entertainment they provided during the afternoon. Quite magical. Music certainly adds a new dimension to the garden (and if it isn’t live music, then it’s recorded music that counts).

We had some 160 visitors during a very successful day. The main features in the garden at the time were the white hydrangeas, the gorgeous tall white bellflowers (campunala pyramidalis ‘Alba’) and various lilies which had just begun to bloom. The dahlias had also started to bloom; this is unusually early but probably due to the unusual heat we’ve been experiencing. The beautiful double flowered white Gonnere waterlily in the pond was, as usual, a much appreciated feature.
But there were many people who commented that, quite simply, the most impressive aspect of the garden was its greenness, its lushness. I agree with them.

Take care and enjoy the summer.

Stefan, A Gentleman Gardener